FMH-qualified orthopaedic surgeon - Shoulder specialist

Arthroscopic surgery: rotator cuff repair, shoulder stabilisation and shoulder prosthesis

Shoulder traumas, fractures and sports injuries

Consultation and surgical procedures

Management of pain and shoulder injuries

By Dr Steve Brenn, FMH-qualified surgeon in Lausanne

Shoulder problems due to degenerative diseases

Treatment for diseases of the joints or ligaments

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About us Dr Steve Brenn : FMH-qualified orthopaedics - shoulder surgery in Lausanne The orthopaedic surgery of Dr Steve Brenn is modern and spacious and is located in the centre of Lausanne, next to the Clinique Bois-Cerf. Parking spaces are available directly opposite. Dr Steve Brenn specialises in shoulder surgery and shoulder injuries, particularly in the following areas: Arthroscopy Rotator cuff injuries Tendon injuries Ligament injuries Treatment of shoulder instability and...
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